XEM | At-a-Glance

Powered by AI, the XEM engine puts internal and external data to work to discover new growth opportunities, driving automated actions through your existing systems. See how it works. WATCH >

The Future is Better

Yes, really.  Because a new kind of AI engine can continuously adapt to changing markets and align functions across your business, for better decisions and faster actions. WATCH >

The Business of Better

“Better” means continuous breakthroughs based on everyday improvements. Better ways to see, understand, and lead. At r4, better is our business. WATCH >

USSA Testimonial

CEO Richard Wyckoff explains how US Security Associates used r4 technology to create a win-win-win for the company, its clients and its employees at 7,000 locations worldwide. WATCH >

Combating Amazon: Paul Breitenbach Interview

CEO Paul Breitenbach talks to Bloomberg Business News about how AI can help retailers solve problems like out-of-stocks, overstocks, and hidden demand.

Nothing Artificial

In many enterprises, the left half still doesn’t know what the right is doing. At r4, we know the real opportunity is between organizational silos. That’s real intelligence. WATCH >

Case Studies

USSA Secures Growth with r4 AI Model

CEO Richard Wyckoff explains how US Security Associates used r4 technology to create a win-win-win for the company, its clients and its employees at 7,000 locations worldwide. WATCH >

Constructing a New Path

A major rental company used r4’s XEM engine to create an AI model of customer data, pricing benchmarks, and demand forecasts by location – driving 133% more revenue in just six months. READ >

Thirsting for New Growth

With r4’s XEM Engine plus a smart network of connected equipment, a major consumer beverage provider drove new growth and lower operating costs within a year READ >


AI Adoption Strategies

Most CEOs regard AI as one of the most strategically important technologies for achieving new growth, business transformation, and competitive advantage. But many struggle… WATCH >

Beyond Analytics & BI:
The Power of AI Predictions

The business use of analytics and business intelligence (BI) is widespread in large enterprises. Although companies in many industries rely on them..WATCH >

David vs. Goliath

Many large technology companies have attempted to develop and implement their own AI solutions. However, these industry goliaths don’t always compete…WATCH >

White Papers

AI Adoption Strategies

This paper, by Oxford’s Abhishek Dasgupta and Steven Wendler of r4, examines the key considerations in adoption of AI, with examples and recommendations. READ >

Revolutionizing Category Management by Embracing AI

Industry pioneer Gordon Wade explains how emerging cross-enterprise AI capabilities can enhance the output of all functions within a CPG managerial ecosystem. READ >

What We’re Reading

Winning With AI

Most companies aren’t seeing business gains or impacts from their AI projects. To avoid this, apply the five key organizational behaviors used by the businesses that have captured value from their AI activities… READ >

Agile at Scale

Successfully applying agile for innovation doesn’t necessarily mean deploying agile to all parts of a company. Positive business results depend on leaders properly preparing the organization to succeed… READ >

2019 Global CEO Outlook

CEOs can balance technology risk and opportunities by using data-driven analysis to uncover new growth sources, create organizational agility, and forge stronger links with customers…READ >

AI: Built to Scale

Executives scaling AI across their businesses achieve 3x ROI on AI, report 30 percent higher valuation metrics, create new growth, boost productivity, and increase effectiveness…READ >