r4 AI: The Business of Better

Who We Are

We Believe in Better

Seeing the world with an eye for innovation.  Continuous breakthroughs based on everyday improvements.  Finding better ways to see, understand and lead.  It’s a potent mix of technology and humanity that we call The Business of Better.™ Watch

Senior Leadership

Our Company

Founded in 2013, r4 Technologies is the leader in applying AI to cross-enterprise management, delivering better business outcomes as a service.  r4 was created by founders of Priceline, leveraging decades of expertise in extracting profit from data.

In 2019, r4 was named a Gartner Cool Vendor in AI Core Technologies. The company is based in Ridgefield, CT.

Our Culture

We asked our people to describe r4. They used many different words, but three core attributes emerged: Human, because we value people over technology. Our employees used words like real, open, diverse, and family. Innovative, because we welcome new ideas and challenge the status quo. And practical, because we work hard and focus on business results. We know there’s always a better way, and we’re determined to find it. And then find the next one. “Better” has no end.