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Seeing the world with an eye for innovation.  Continuous breakthroughs based on everyday improvements.  Finding better ways to see, understand and lead.  It’s a potent mix of technology and humanity that we call The Business of Better.™ Watch >

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USSA Secures Growth with r4 AI Model

CEO Richard Wyckoff explains how US Security Associates used r4 technology to create a win-win-win for the company, its clients and its employees at 7,000 locations worldwide. Watch >

Case Study: B2B Heavy Equipment Rental

Constructing a New Path to Growth

A major rental company used r4’s Cross-Enterprise Management Engine to create an AI model of customer data, pricing benchmarks, and demand forecasts by location – driving 133% more revenue in just six months. View Case Study >

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New Thinking for a New World

by Paul Breitenbach, CEO

The world is moving faster and faster – that’s obvious. In fact, it’s more than that: the rate of acceleration is increasing. In 1970 Alivn Toffler wrote Future Shock […] Read >

The Incumbent’s Path to New Growth — Part 3 of 3

This final post in this series addresses the new set of technology-enabled management capabilities that are required to make cross-enterprise management a reality—what we call Cross-Enterprise AI […]  Read >

The Incumbent’s Path to New Growth — Part 2 of 3

Part 1 of this blog series looked at how scale and stability, ever-changing market dynamics, and competition from tech giants and insurgents are the new realities for incumbent enterprises […] Read >

The Incumbent’s Path to New Growth — Part 1 of 3

A paradox surrounds the topic of business growth. On the one hand, many well-regarded projections suggest that we’re entering an era with tremendous economic prospects […] Read >