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In today’s world of fragmented markets and automated processes, the opportunities for new growth are hidden between organizational silos. r4 unlocks these opportunities with a new type of artificial intelligence: Cross-Enterprise AI.

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“What is the biggest issue facing your organization?

What have you spent years and millions of dollars trying to address?

We will take that issue and solve it in a few months,

leveraging your existing technology.”

– CEO Paul Breitenbach

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A global beverage producer achieved a 20+% reduction in cost of delivery and inventory and a 20+% increase in revenue.


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“With its unique AI platform, r4 is driving transformation across multiple industries.”

– CDO, global consulting firm
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A leading equipment rental company saw 4x sales growth and 5 percentage points of improved pricing yield.


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“r4 technology solved in a couple of months what we were paying consultants millions to do.”

– CMO, global hi-tech company