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Seeing the world with an eye for innovation.  Continuous breakthroughs based on everyday improvements.  Finding better ways to see, understand and lead.  It’s a potent mix of technology and humanity that we call The Business of Better.™ Watch >

Who we are
Who we are

Who We Are

r4 is the pioneer of cross-enterprise AI, which helps large organizations unlock growth opportunities blocked by traditional approaches. We were created by the founders of, whose ability to solve complex business problems through data and mathematics pioneered e-commerce. Our 20 years of experience in continuously extracting value from data is the DNA we’re built on.


“What is the biggest issue facing your organization? What have you spent years and millions of dollars trying to address? We will take that issue and solve it in a few months, leveraging your existing technology.”

– CEO Paul Breitenbach

Case Study:
CPG/self-service retail

Thirsting for New Growth

With r4’s Cross-Enterprise Management Engine plus a smart network of connected equipment, a major consumer beverage provider drove new growth and lower operating costs within a year.
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