r4 XEM™

An AI product for


Turn Data Into Opportunities

With XEM, finding and fueling new growth is a three-step journey—data to discovery to action.

XEM maps all types of data — internal and external, structured and unstructured—to r4’s unique AI Market Model. This representation of the people, places and things that make up your market and business is the world’s leading example of cross-enterprise AI.

Powered by AI, the XEM engine puts data to work to discover new growth opportunities. Create and curate programs and recommendations, and implement them automatically through your existing systems.

Review opportunities, build action plans, automate actions, and monitor outcomes. As you align your organization with the true drivers of demand, see improved business outcomes.

XEM at a glance


See how XEM is leveraging your data to create your AI Market Model. Then refine and enhance it: Add external data sources, and choose the attributes and levels of detail that matter most to your business — for example, market attributes down to the level of individual store locations.

Quickly Get New Value from Your Data

XEM uses data—without cleansing or harmonization—to create an AI simulation of your market and business within weeks.

Attributes (A Retail Example)

Neighborhood demographics, neighborhood employment, nearby businesses, shopping patterns, consumer ratings, weather

An attribute model shows the many dimensions
of data that shape a market

Cluster attributes show the structure

of a market’s audience


Follow a step-by-step path to new opportunities. Explore what’s truly driving demand. Evaluate XEM recommendations. Create programs and initiatives, and prepare to execute them.


XEM sorts millions of data points to create clusters, or groupings of similar things—for example, “look-alike” store locations with common attributes.

Cluster value

Map clusters to metrics that matter to you—for example, store performance, location potential, and dependency on discounting.


See the opportunities you discovered and curated. Create or edit action plans based on simple queries. See projected results, refine your planned actions, and implement them through your company’s existing processes and systems. Track results and monitor outcomes.

Sample query for Retail

“Recommend the optimal replenishment for all products to prevent out of stocks at stores in the United States.”

Filtering actions

Refine any action plan—for example, narrow it to a specific region, channel, or timeframe.

Review opportunities at a glance, and track
the performance of your action plans

Why XEM Matters

We’re living in the most transformative period in the history of business. To compete and win, you need a management engine that continuously adapts to changing markets. One that aligns functions across your business so executives can make better decisions and take faster actions. XEM is the world’s first cross-enterprise management engine.

We believe that r4 was named a Cool Vendor by Gartner because what we do is unique. Our r4 XEM Engine uses a model-based approach to uncover business opportunities between organizational silos. XEM makes AI-driven recommendations that drive better business outcomes. See what Gartner has to say about r4, and our focus on cross-enterprise AI and business outcomes. MORE