Revolutionizing Category Management with AI

Consumer-packaged goods (CPG) pioneer Gordon Wade — one of the developers of the Category Management discipline — explains how an emerging class of cross-enterprise AI capabilities can enhance the output of all functions within a CPG managerial ecosystem.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • How shopper behavior and markets are changing
  • How organizational silos hinder progress in an age of rapid change
  • How AI can transform Category Management at every stage, with examples
  • How to evaluate an AI platform for CPG

To download the white paper, please complete this brief registration form.

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“The good news is that smaller companies can license, at a fraction of the cost, third-party cross-enterprise AI capabilities that will, in many cases, outperform the Goliaths’ internally developed platforms. (And even the Goliaths may find that third-party capabilities complement their existing efforts.) The question is whether these companies can move fast enough to ensure they can compete effectively in a rapidly developing AI-dominated CPG environment.”