Cross-Enterprise AI

What is Cross-Enterprise AI?

Enterprise AI solutions today largely fall into two categories. They’re either designed for specific point solutions, or they’re general-purpose solutions that require millions of dollars of consulting and professional services to implement.

Cross-enterprise AI is different.

It’s automated technology that enables enterprise leaders to discover and unlock significant growth opportunities hidden between functional silos:

  • How do you drive new growth?
  • How do you make all parts of an enterprise work together?
  • How do you deal with nimble competitors?
  • How do you continuously adapt to rapidly changing markets and consumer preferences?

The stakes are enormous: In retail alone, it’s estimated that companies lose $1 trillion to out-of-stock items (a silo problem) while customers can find the same products online.

The solution isn’t to tear down the silos: It’s to leverage and transform them into pillars that support and enable new growth. Cross-enterprise AI does that by bringing together data from across the enterprise, regardless of location or format, in a secure private cloud. Then it adds external data – on customer segments, locations, distribution models, and many other variables—to create a completely new and unified model of your business and markets. Cross-enterprise AI deeply analyzes this information, uncovers new revenue opportunities that you could never see before, and gives you a set of predictions and targeted recommendations.

These insights can be automatically fed back into enterprise systems as instructions – for example, changing the product mix delivered to an individual store to maximize sales. And because cross-enterprise AI learns continuously, it quickly senses changes in market conditions and adapts its predictions and recommendations accordingly.

XEM™ — r4’s cross-enterprise AI product — can be up and running, and starting to deliver value, in just a few months. That’s because r4’s experience with clients across multiple industries—including CPG, retail, finance, technology, and media —has enabled us to build a library of uses cases that apply to almost every enterprise. That means r4 needs significantly less customization than general-purpose AI solutions. It also makes implementation less expensive, because the need for many months of consulting is eliminated. With r4, you’re buying a product—not a long-term professional services engagement.

Cross-enterprise AI can also replace high-priced “digital transformation” projects that attempt to recreate or replace existing business systems. These projects take years, cost millions of dollars, and often fail. Instead, cross-enterprise AI enables you to keep your existing systems and organizational structure – and the stability they provide – while also providing you with the agility to sense and respond to the market in real time.

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