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Incumbents Strike Back

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Cross-Silo Leadership

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Building the AI-Powered Organization

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The Age of Continuous Connection

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The Only Way Manufacturers Can Survive

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AI Adoption Strategies

Although all organizations should aggressively and strategically apply AI to core and cross-functional processes, very few should try to build it… READ >

CEOs’ Curbed Confidence Spells Caution

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Wait-and-See Could Be a Costly Strategy

Although research simulations show early AI adopters doubled profits and grew gross profits, few companies are applying AI to reinvent how they do business… READ >

Reshaping Business With AI

Research based on a global survey of more than 3,000 executives, managers, and analysts shows a huge gap between AI goals and AI execution… READ >

The Best Response to Digital Disruption

Findings from a major McKinsey & Co survey of C-suite executives show that digitization has significantly reduced profits for incumbents… READ >