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What Companies
on the Right Side
of the Business Digital Divide Have in Common

Make data key to differentiation, strategy, and predictions… READ >

The New Analytics of Culture

By measuring how culture truly influences employee thoughts and work behaviors, companies can start to harness culture as a strategic business resource… READ >

Taming Complexity

To sustainably harness the benefits
of complexity, companies regularly will need to make challenging trade-offs that balance complexity against the need
for productivity… READ >

Transforming the Enterprise: 8 Key AI Adoption Trends

These trends, derived from the KPMG 2019 Enterprise AI Adoption Study, can inform and augment AI strategy development and planning… READ >

When Data Creates
Competitive Advantage

Answer these seven questions to determine whether your company’s competitive advantage from data-enabled learning is sustainable… READ >

Competing in the Age of AI

Silos prevent AI-powered growth. Companies should connect silos and businesses, aggregate data flowing among them, and extract value through analytics and AI… READ >

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Most CXOs would rather spend on tech that increases revenue, reduces costs, and protects a business, rather than buy tech to disrupt… READ >

How Digital Twins Are
Reinventing Innovation

Digital twins can enable companies to improve operations, develop better strategies, find new opportunities­, and eradicate silos… READ >

Winning With AI

Most companies aren’t seeing business gains or impacts from their AI projects. To avoid this, apply the five key organizational behaviors used by the businesses that have captured value from their AI activities… READ >

Agile at Scale

Successfully applying agile for innovation doesn’t necessarily mean deploying agile to all parts of a company. Positive business results depend on leaders properly preparing the organization to succeed… READ >

2019 Global CEO Outlook

EOs can balance technology risk and opportunities by using data-driven analysis to uncover new growth sources, create organizational agility, and forge stronger links with customers…READ >

AI: Built to Scale

Executives scaling AI across their businesses achieve 3x ROI on AI, report 30 percent higher valuation metrics, create new growth, boost productivity, and increase effectiveness…READ >

How AI Is Helping Companies Break Silos

Applied correctly, AI can coordinate, connect, and align siloed systems and processes so people make better business decisions…READ >

Strategy For and With AI

A critical application of AI is optimizing the right business-strategy-aligned KPIs. AI can help determine what outcomes to measure, and how to measure and prioritize these…READ >

Don’t Let AI Supercharge
Bad Processes

Incumbents looking to AI to speed up legacy processes are creating potential business risk. Unencumbered new entrants compete differently…READ >

Smart Strategies Require Smarter KPIs

KPIs are becoming increasingly critical to successfully organizing people, process, and technology around data-driven decision making…READ >

Only 5% of US Enterprises Are Investing in Serious AI-Based Business Projects

To reinvent themselves, enterprises need solutions that exploit many technologies—including AI…READ >

How to Build Artificial Intelligence We Can Trust

Real understanding of time, space, and causality, and less emphasis on deep learning, would bring needed common sense to AI systems…READ >

Accelerating Digital Innovation Inside and Out

Internal cross-functional collaboration and external digital-ecosystem collaboration increase innovation and organizational agility…READ >

5 Easy Criteria To Get Quick Returns on AI Investments

Those considering enterprise AI should seek apply these five criteria before making any strategic AI investment decisions…READ >

Decision Making In The Age of Urgency

Making good decisions is essential to leadership. Yet in a new McKinsey survey, only 20 percent of respondents say their organizations excel at it…READ >

Using AI to Enhance Business Operations

AI prompts visions of self-driving cars, personal assistants, and smart robots. But its effect on how companies run will be no less transformational…READ >

Save-to-transform as a catalyst for embracing digital disruption

Companies are investing cost savings in IT and innovation (including AI) that can transform a business… READ >

Digital Doesn’t Have to Be Disruptive

Digital transformation doesn’t require radical business disruption and huge new technology investments. Instead, it’s about taking incremental steps…READ >

Incumbents Strike Back

Based on results of extensive cross-C-suite surveys, this report provides insights into how executives think incumbent enterprises should compete in a disruptive digital age… READ >

Cross-Silo Leadership

Executives are struggling to break down the cross-functional silos, even though most innovation and business-development opportunities lie in these interfaces…READ >

Building the AI-Powered Organization

Well-implemented AI creates competitive advantage. Breaking down cultural and organizational barriers makes getting to that point easier… READ >

The Age of Continuous Connection

Struggling data and analytics to connect with customers? Consider these strategies for developing continuous customer relationshipsREAD >

The Only Way Manufacturers Can Survive

Although many manufacturers have flirted with digital technologies, none have successfully achieved a digital transformation… READ >

AI Adoption Strategies

Although all organizations should aggressively and strategically apply AI to core and cross-functional processes, very few should try to build it. They should buy insteadREAD >

CEOs’ Curbed Confidence Spells Caution

1,400 CEOs said their organizations struggle to leverage data for better business decisions, and to apply AI in business-meaningful waysREAD >

Wait-and-See Could Be a Costly Strategy

Although research simulations show early AI adopters doubled profits, few companies are applying AI to truly reinvent how they do businessREAD >

Reshaping Business With AI

A big gap between AI goals and execution: 85 percent of executives said AI creates competitive advantages but only 20 percent of companies have added AI to an offeringREAD >

The Best Response to Digital Disruption

Findings from a major McKinsey & Co survey of C-suite executives show that digitization has significantly reduced profits for incumbents… READ >