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How AI Is Helping Companies Break Silos

Applied correctly, AI can coordinate, connect, and align siloed systems and processes so people make better business decisions…READ >

Strategy For and With AI

A critical application of AI is optimizing the right business-strategy-aligned KPIs. AI can help determine what outcomes to measure, and how to measure and prioritize these…READ >

Don’t Let AI Supercharge
Bad Processes

Incumbents looking to AI to speed up legacy processes are creating potential business risk. Unencumbered new entrants compete differently…READ >

Smart Strategies Require Smarter KPIs

KPIs are becoming increasingly critical to successfully organizing people, process, and technology around data-driven decision making…READ >

Only 5% of US Enterprises Are Investing in Serious AI-Based Business Projects

To reinvent themselves, enterprises need solutions that exploit many technologies—including AI…READ >

How to Build Artificial Intelligence We Can Trust

Real understanding of time, space, and causality, and less emphasis on deep learning, would bring needed common sense to AI systems…READ >

Accelerating Digital Innovation Inside and Out

Internal cross-functional collaboration and external digital-ecosystem collaboration increase innovation and organizational agilityREAD >

5 Easy Criteria To Get Quick Returns on AI Investments

Those considering enterprise AI should seek apply these five criteria before making any strategic AI investment decisions…READ >

Decision Making In The Age of Urgency

Making good decisions is essential to leadership. Yet in a new McKinsey survey, only 20 percent of respondents say their organizations excel at it…READ >

Using AI to Enhance Business Operations

AI prompts visions of self-driving cars, personal assistants, and smart robots. But its effect on how companies run will be no less transformational…READ >

Save-to-transform as a catalyst for embracing digital disruption

Companies are investing cost savings in IT and innovation (including AI) that can transform a business… READ >

Digital Doesn’t Have to Be Disruptive

Digital transformation doesn’t require radical business disruption and huge new technology investments. Instead, it’s about taking incremental steps…READ >

Incumbents Strike Back

Based on results of extensive cross-C-suite surveys, this report provides insights into how executives think incumbent enterprises should compete in a disruptive digital age… READ >

Cross-Silo Leadership

Executives are struggling to break down the cross-functional silos, even though most innovation and business-development opportunities lie in these interfaces…READ >

Building the AI-Powered Organization

Well-implemented AI creates competitive advantage. Breaking down cultural and organizational barriers makes getting to that point easier… READ >

The Age of Continuous Connection

Struggling data and analytics to connect with customers? Consider these strategies for developing continuous customer relationshipsREAD >

The Only Way Manufacturers Can Survive

Although many manufacturers have flirted with digital technologies, none have successfully achieved a digital transformation… READ >

AI Adoption Strategies

Although all organizations should aggressively and strategically apply AI to core and cross-functional processes, very few should try to build it. They should buy insteadREAD >

CEOs’ Curbed Confidence Spells Caution

1,400 CEOs said their organizations struggle to leverage data for better business decisions, and to apply AI in business-meaningful waysREAD >

Wait-and-See Could Be a Costly Strategy

Although research simulations show early AI adopters doubled profits, few companies are applying AI to truly reinvent how they do businessREAD >

Reshaping Business With AI

A big gap between AI goals and execution: 85 percent of executives said AI creates competitive advantages but only 20 percent of companies have added AI to an offeringREAD >

The Best Response to Digital Disruption

Findings from a major McKinsey & Co survey of C-suite executives show that digitization has significantly reduced profits for incumbents… READ >