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The real impact of COVID-19 must be seen at a community and neighborhood level.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted markets for consumer goods and services in an unprecedented way.

While the macro impact of the pandemic has been monumental, we know that interactions among disease spread, government actions, and employment will shape consumer behaviors at the neighborhood level.

Many of these changes will be short-term, some will last through prolonged waves of recovery, and others are likely to be permanent.

The answers to which of these changes will prevail, for how long and in which markets, are unfolding in the data today and in the weeks and months ahead. 

r4 AI Market Model of the US Consumer Goods
and Services Ecosystem

Critical health and economic data is prepopulated in the Model to show local drivers of demand and signal patterns of change.

  • 1 million US retail and food service locations and 20 million other business locations
  • 220 thousand block groups with full attribution for demographics, socioeconomics, and lifestyles of US households
  • COVID-19 case counts, government mitigation actions, economic reporting, and other third-party sources to explain disease spread and economic recovery at the local level

r4 customers add transaction data in a dedicated virtual private cloud to create a unique market model for their business.

Cross-enterprise use cases

Adjust demand forecasts and apply across markets

  • AI-adjusted forecast to account for surge buying and learn new consumption patterns
  • 30-day horizon for sales and supply planning; weekly for allocation and delivery planning
  • Transfer model learning to look-alike stores and future waves

Sense signs of rolling recovery to apply resources locally

  • Understand the nature and drivers of public health impact and its effect on consumer behavior for each store
  • Detect signals and patterns of economic reawakening for each trading area and store
  • Predict changes in consumption and requirements for local resources

Discover new market segments as the next normal emerges

  • Segment consumers or local markets in terms of public health impact and its effect on consumer need states
  • Detect signals of economic reawakening and changing need states for each consumer segment
  • Discover new consumer archetypes to be be addressed in a new context

How to get started

To facilitate a simple and fast “on ramp” to the r4 platform, we offer an Accelerated Pilot Program.

  • Pick one or more use cases
  • Simple four-month SaaS agreement
  • Standard configuration for rapid start
  • Secure virtual private cloud environment
  • Available within two weeks from receipt of data to view model outputs, gain insights unique to your business, and drive effective actions

Upon conclusion of the initial 4-month period, customers may continue to subscribe to the service monthly or convert to an annual agreement.

Requirements beyond a standard solution configuration priced separately.